This journey starts with a Kundalini practice facilitated by Janna Sky.
Together we will open our hearts and still our mind, followed by an Ecstatic TranceZenDance journey a Live DJ set by Pangani (Sebastian Frisch) combining shamanic sounds and uplifting full on Tribal PsyTrance music to shake the body, clear the mind and return to the inner stillness of the heart.
We end this journey with a Sound Healing and Circle Dance by Teresa Gabriel and Stefan Schweizer to integrate what we Transcended and land back into our body, into an embodied state of wholeness and peace, connecting our hearts through the universal peace dance to bring us into a state of unity and Oneness



My intention with this Alchemy of practices is to use the spiritual and scientific benefits Kundalini yoga, dance, sound, guided meditation and shamanic rituals to awaken who you truly are, so you can feel and embody your essence.